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What pre-sales support does Omnivoltaic offer?

During the entire sales process, we conduct pre-sales consultation to tailor solutions according to specific needs by provide detailed product specifications and technical documentation to help our partners understand the features and capabilities. Our most unique offerings are provision of system designs and customization options, arranging for safe shipping and delivery, different branding options, warranty extension, among others.


What is the difference between kilowatt (kW) and kilowatt hour (kWh)?

The power of the inverter is expressed in kW while the storage capacity of the battery is expressed in kWh.


What are your logistics capabilities?

Omnivoltaic has established a long-term relationship with professional and highly experienced forwarders across different countries. Upon request, we have been able to oversee both sea and air shipments on behalf of our partners.

We are very familiar and compliant with customs and shipping regulations and depending on the nature of products and size of order, sometimes we are able to assist with clearance procedures in the importing countries.


How To Maintain & deal with The Quality Problem?

For general minor problems, our company will issue maintenance instructions and express spare parts. Customers can repair and replace spare parts by themselves according to the instructions. If it cannot be repaired within the warranty period, our company will provide a new product replacement.


Warranty Service Policy

OVES Warranty Policy is provided by OVES, and defects can be covered in the form of workmanship and materials.

OVES offers to its customers a service warranty based on the following limitations;

  • The products must have been provided by OVES, inclusive of accompanying component as described in the products' User Manuals.
  • The products sold shall be provided with 1 years’ warranty for normal use (except for man-made malfunctions) starting from the date of shipment from the factory.
  • In certain places where local laws have special provisions for the term of warranty, the foregoing term shall not be applicable. This warranty offers special legal rights. You are entitled to other rights pursuant to local laws.
  • The Buyer/Customer is responsible for certain service and maintenance expenses. Please contact our Customer Service for further details on specific products. 

The following situation is not covered by the warranty:

  • Finished goods lost or serial number manipulated
  • Loss or damage due to force majeure or external reasons
  • Misuse, accident, negligence, unauthorized alteration or repair
  • Overuse
  • Violation of operation stipulation